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Our client whose head office is based in Toronto, Ontario, is the country’s leading distributor of beverages and food products and services. Indeed, close to 99 % of Canadians are consumers and have bought one of their products over the last year; on average, 21.9 million Canadians consume at least one product per month.

This company employs over 7100 people in Canada. Besides its Canadian head office in Toronto, our client possesses 16 sales outlets across the country. It operates 20 plants and biscuit factories in Ontario, Québec and British Columbia, as well as 15 distribution centres in Ontario, Québec, Alberta and British Columbia.

While undertaking a process for optimizing the logistics efficiency of the Chambly factory, this important food distributor called on GCL Group to develop and drive a companion project covering the implementation of a more effective logistics function. This companion project followed an exhaustive diagnosis of logistics operations that principally highlighted a need for coaching and training. Over the course of a year, GCL Group was then involved in the coaching of the person responsible for logistics activities. The Chambly factory is uniquely complex due to the range of products manufactured there. As such, one of the factory sections operates constantly throughout the year and supplies juice to the North American market. The other section of the factory operates seasonally to can a variety of vegetables.

During the course of the mandate, we contributed to increasing recognition of the logistics function within the organization, resource development, space redevelopment, implementing new technologies, reengineering of processes, development of performance indicators and role and responsibility changes that allowed the integration of the whole logistics chain.