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Albert Goodhue

Albert Goodhue exercising his profession for more than 25 years and having accumulated an expertise in the field of logistics performance improvement of companies in Quebec, Canada and the United States. Having directed and supervised more than 500 projects of rationalization and improvement of logistical operations, Mr. Goodhue is a pioneer in the application of new technologies of distribution and applied information systems.

« Improving logistics performance and supply chain businesses is a passion and a constant concern for the last 25 years. Having worked in more than 500 different projects as a consultant, project manager and partner in charge, my approach is based on the ability to change and transform the vision of leaders and teams. The simple implementation of Kaizen approach to complete outsourcing of logistics operations, the organization must develop a competent, dedicated and determined team to achieve the objectives. »

Charles-Antoine Marcil

Charles-Antoine Marcil has over ten years of experience in logistics warehousing, supply chain optimization, manufacturing and retail industries in Canada and the United States. His mixed experience in warehousing, logistics, supply chain and retail has allowed him to understand the challenges that operations managers face on a daily basis. It thus provides customers with an in-depth understanding of storage standards, which lead to a significant improvement in logistics operations. His experience in operations management gives him the ability to understand and analyze our customers’ processes in order to reorganize them and obtain optimal results.

« Since I joined the GCL Group, I’ve had the chance to work on several projects which involved the relocation and design of warehouses and distribution centers in order to absorb growth. These projects required optimization of order preparation and packaging operations in order to reduce costs and increase productivity in the context of ecommerce and mass distribution. My in-depth knowledge of information systems and more particularly of warehouse management systems and automation gives me the skills to make optimal recommendations to our customers in order to support them in the selection and implementation of the technologies best suited to their needs. Having acted as supply chain manager in more than one multinational company, I’m able to understand the reality and challenges that managers are facing today. »

Kamal Chraibi

Kamal Chraibi has been with GCL for nearly 20 years, making his debut at the Montreal office where he quickly moved up to a management position early in his career. In 2001, Kamal co-founded the European branch of the firm and in 2008 he expanded our activities with the inauguration of the offices in Casablanca, Morocco. He continues to push the boundaries of logistics and has been working with industry leaders mining, manufacturing, retail, E-Commerce, printing and food industries.

«My international experience, based on hundreds of projects in Europe, Africa, South America and North America, allows me to approach large scale logistics initiatives with confidence and with a proven track record. I have contributed to the development of more than 50 local and international logistics platforms, the optimization of complex distribution networks, the implementation of best-of-breed logistics information systems and a multitude of change management projects following large automation installations.»

Hicham Alami

Hicham is a partner in the Moroccan and European offices for the GCL Group and has been working in consultancy for more than 10 years, specifically in the supply chain and operations management, as well as on the strategic level of organizational transformation.
He has a range of experiences in strategy, business process improvement, organizational revision and redesign, supply chain transformation, strategic sourcing, transportation, distribution network optimization and inventory management. Hicham has demonstrated expertise in cost reduction, liquidity improvement, process reengineering, as well as training, coaching and change management.

«My wide range of experiences in consulting, as well as an academic background in operations optimization (M.Sc. & MBA), allow me to have a global vision of the logistical challenges that we encounter. We can therefore identify the impact of operations on other functions of the company; Customer service, sales, purchasing and demand planning, marketing and promotions, accounts receivable, etc. Our logistical successes include consideration of collateral aspects, mastery of the customer’s industry, in-depth knowledge of the company’s culture and the creation of joint project teams. My passion for improvement and optimization has led me to consulting and it is with conviction that I believe that an optimal solution is accessible for all logistical challenges.»