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Our client is the world’s leading pharmaceutical company, with its head office in New York. Its mission is to discover and to develop medicines and other innovative products to improve the quality of life for human beings and animals.

In June of 2000, our client acquired Warner-Lambert and became the number one pharmaceutical company in the world. On April 14th, 2003, by concluding the acquisition of Pharmacia, it became one of the most important global companies for market capitalization and strengthened its dominant position on the principal pharmaceutical markets.

The combined revenue of products and operations reached 45 billion USD in 2002. In 2003, the company dedicated approximately 7 billion USD to research and development worldwide, more than any other pharmaceutical company.

Due to the significant increase in logistics flows following the integration of Warner Lambert, the company in question decided to put in place a warehouse management system (WMS) on the cutting edge of technology. This system would assure them control, traceability and efficient distribution of products in high demand.

In the course of this project, GCL Group was involved in a series of projects touching on:

  • Needs analysis
  • WMS and TMS vendor research
  • Preparation of invitations to tender
  • Analysis of the submissions and recommendations
  • Management of the implementation of the selected software
  • Preparation of the functional analysis
  • Identification of the specific required developments
  • Configuration of the warehouse and the management of the required changes
  • Preparation of invitations to tender for RF equipments
  • Analysis and selection of the RF equipment supplier
  • Development of test scenarios
  • Tests of the selected functionalities
  • System validation according to pharmaceutical industry standards
  • Assistance during system start-up
  • Participation in the training of employees