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Plastic molding – Industrial

Plastic molding – Indutrial

Our client is a company specializing in extruded plastic molding destined for the window and door industry.

Aware of the importance of the logistics function to support the expected growth, the company has initiated an approach to optimize its operation. A recent project carried out by GCL showed the logistics gaps and the challenges that stood in the way of our client’s growth management. The causes identified by GCL Group includes the absence of a WMS, the lack of space in the warehouses and the lack of rigor in the operations processes.

GCL Canada was mandated to assist the company in optimizing its processes, increasing the warehouse’s capacity and in the implementation of a WMS system. The main objective of the project includes:

  • Development of an inventory characterization approach and optimization of the layout and its productivity;
  • Development of a master plan for the warehouse and designing a reorganization plan with a global vision (production and logistics);
  • Documentation and review of the current logistics process (internal and external) to attain best-in-class service levels;
  • Implementation of a WMS to optimize productivity and improve quality of operations.


  • WMS implementation project manager was changed during the deployment phase;
  • Warehouse had multiple non-inventoried items;
  • Change management knowledge was required to ensure rigorous compliance with the optimized process and the new WMS.


  • Optimization of operations, increased productivity and reduced inventory;
  • Training of super-users and everyday users for the WMS;
  • Return on investment estimated to 2 years;
  • Tests on processes and interfaces for WMS.