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Logistics Forum 2017

Logistics Forum  2017

Logistics challenges of E-Commerce

Date: April 20 2017

Time: 8:00 to 17:00

Location: Westin Hotel Montreal

Price: $495.00 + tx

This exchange forum will be at its eleventh edition in 2017. During those eleven years, it has welcomed thousands of people who are committed to the recognition of the logistics function. In touch with major trends, it will address the growing importance of e-commerce, globalization of operations, acquisition synergies and customer experience.

Latest trends from the industry, Quebec E-Commerce performance and best practices

Presented by:

  • René Desmarais, Senior VP Packages, Canada Post

This presentation will highlight trends and developments in E-Commerce in Canada and in particular in Quebec. You will learn what industry sectors are growing the fastest, as well as regions where the performance of online trading is the most important. Significantly, Canada Post analyzed the frequency of orders for the largest customers and their geographic position.

Adapt your business model to integrate an omni-channel E-commerce model into your operations

Presented by:

  • Philippe Chevalier, Logistics Director, Bouclair

In this presentation you will learn how Bouclair stores have implemented a centralized order picking process for in-store pickup by customers. In addition, the organization has set up and adapted a state-of-the-art WMS solution to take account of the particularities and profile of E-Commerce orders.

How to outsource your logistics operations to focus on your E-Commerce operations

Presented by:

  • Dave Mack, VP Omni Channel, SCI

You will learn how to evaluate your logistics operations to define your internal or external order-picking strategy. Some companies prefer to retain this function internally and others will choose to delegate this function to experts. What are the criteria and advantages or disadvantages of such a choice.

Customizing the online offer and how to ensure its distribution

Presented by:

  • Michael Carpman, E-Commerce Product Owner, FGL Sports
  • Vincent Trépanier, Executive VP, Orckestra
  • Martin Ball, President & CEO, Wiptec pick, pack & ship

In this presentation our lecturer will introduce how the E-Com logistics support function can make a difference in the performance and retention of the customer. From shopping online to delivering the order and including the management of returns, you will learn how to stand out.

How to take advantage of automation to meet the growing needs of E-com customers

Presented by:

  • Anthony Grant, Gestionnaire de comptes, Dematic Canada

The completely different profile of online orders causes companies to rethink how to prepare orders. Whether it is to respond to customization elements or different packaging methods, the order picking center must find efficient and productive methods.

Discover the priorities of improving an E-commerce business after several years of operation

Presented by:


Come and hear the testimony of a company working in the E-Commerce sector for many years. You will discover how it has gone through the start-up, progress and stability phase. It will be interesting to hear how this company has progressed through all these stages.

From garage to 3PL: The first logistical challenges of a growing E-Commerce startup

Presented by:

  • Camille Dodd, Partner, Café Liégeois

In just three years, the Café Liégeois Canada team has gone from preparing parcels in the family garage to managing orders via a 3PL. You will hear the testimony of a growing company that has revised its business model and directed its sales and distribution strategies to digital through an E-Commerce platform. This is the story of a challenging transition that will be on display as Café Liégeois Canada continues to develop its various logistics processes in partnership with Coforce.

How to manage the growth of your online order preparation activities

Presented by:

  • Martin St-Pierre, Director logistics and operations, Sephora Canada
  • Melissa Dyck, Senior manager logistics and distribution, Sephora Canada

Establishing an order picking infrastructure is a challenge for logistics managers. If, in addition, the company faces a very strong growth, then the challenges becomes colossal. Moreover, it will be necessary to cope with the promotional peaks of Christmas and Black Friday, the introduction of new products, the desire of the sales force to customize orders, as well as other issues. Sephora Canada is a perfect example of this situation and our speakers will present their approaches and solutions