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Global Logistics 2018

Global Logistics 2018

Aim for international operations excellency

Date: February 21 2018

Time: 8:00 to 17:00

Location: Bonaventure Hotel Montreal

Price: $495.00 + tx

This second edition of the Global Logistics Conference will aim to build on the themes of the first, to promote best practices in terms of interaction with global suppliers, configuration and optimization of distribution networks, control of quality throughout the supply chain, consolidation practices to achieve economies of scale, monitoring of distribution site performance, inventory and transportation, charters and customs clearance, only to name a few.

This edition will have the particularity of hearing European and American speakers bringing us not only the Canadian vision of the challenges of global logistics management but also how Americans and Europeans see this situation evolve.

Our 2016 speakers included several Directors and Vice-Presidents from Canada Post, Bouclair, Medicom, Héroux Devtec and Future Electronics.

Places available will be limited to 100

Global Logistics Performance, an important issue for a US-based manufacturer and distributor

Presented by:

  • Laurent Mialhe, COO SVP Supply Chain US, Shiseido

Having the privilege of hearing from Laurent Mialhe, SVP Supply Chain Shiseido US, we will cover the industry's main issues of global logistics and in particular for this Japanese multinational. Having also led logistical operations in the United States for LVMH, Dior, Coty, Fareva and Shiseido, Laurent will come not only to talk about his current challenges, but also how he has lived the transformation of the last 20 years in major global companies .

Digitalization of after-sales activities at a global car manufacturer

Presented by:

  • Jean-Michel Guarneri, Executive Director and Supply Chain consultant, European automaker

Once again this year, we will have the chance to hear from a globally recognized personality for his logistical skills. Jean-Michel Guarneri has been working for more than 20 years in various senior management positions and will talk to us about the latest challenges of the automotive industry. Working recently for one of the most important players in Europe, he will talk about the following topics: digitization of after sales activities at automakers, the addition to their current ranges of products (OEM), new product lines in from independent distribution (OES and IAM) and the need for them to have an omni-channel and collaborative supply-chain. In addition, Jean-Michel is the current president of the ASLOG (Association logistique francaise) and will also quickly discuss the results of a survey of its members on the main issues and challenges of the logistics industry in France and in Europe.

The global complexity of managing a worldwide logistics network

Presented by:

  • Yann de Feraudy, CEO Operations & Technology, Groupe Rocher

With operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia, Yves Rocher is one of the largest players in the cosmetics industry in the world. Yann de Feraudy is CEO Operations and Technologies of Groupe Rocher and manages all of manufacturing, distribution and IT operations for the organization. For several years, Yann has had the opportunity to experience multiple organizational transformations and decisions to deploy the network in countries such as Russia and China. Yann will share with us his great experience and how a CEO is going to build a world class organization, using global performance indicators while maintaining the highest quality and meeting the highest standards.

Optimizing the logistics operations of a Canadian distribution network

Presented by:

  • René Picard, VP Operations, McKesson Canada

With more than 15 distribution centers serving Canada from coast to coast, McKesson Canada has the challenge of ensuring everyone performs to the highest standards in the industry. Working in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, Rene Picard, VP Operations of the Canadian entity, is responsible for maintaining the overall performance of the network. From this experienced manager, we will hear how McKesson Canada is setting up locally motivated and competent teams, monitoring and improving performance, deploying leading technology management tools and finally to ensure that customer service matches the importance of the products distributed.

How Moneris Achieved a Drastic Reduction of its Logistics Cost

Presented by:

  • David Chamussy, VP Operations, Moneris Field Services

This presentation will make us discover the universe of asset management on the canadian network. We will also hear how Moneris Field Services has contributed to a drastic reduction of its costs beyond their expectations using a simple recipe : Define its vision and strategy and put an emphasis on the execution and transformation in project mode. The projects that will be presented are the following :
• Better use of capital assets
• Inventory reduction
• Identify every item and scans systematically
• Multicriteria and dynamic replenishment tool (warehouses, stores, trucks)
• Reduction of obsolescence and destruction cost
• Predictive analysis of maintenance work orders (Artificial Intelligence)

Maintaining Continuity of Service: The Challenge of having 60 Global Service Centers

Presented by:

  • Leslie Macfarlane, General Manager Logistics & Warehousing, Air Canada

We all know how continuity of service can be an important issue and the survival of the company's reputation depends on it. Imagine this in the context of air service for Air Canada, the largest air operator in Canada. With more than 60 spare parts storage locations around the world, Air Canada must maintain the availability of its aircraft and Leslie Macfarlane, Air Canada's General Manager Logistics & Warehousing, must ensure with his colleagues and teams that relationships with its suppliers, partners and warehouses are at their best. Leslie will present the challenges of operating his sites around the world and ongoing initiatives to ensure continuity of service.