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Logistics Forum 2018

Logistics Forum 2018

New Trends in e-Commerce Logistics

Date: May 30 2018

Time: 8h00 to 17h00

Location: Westin Hotel, Downtown Montreal

Price: $495.00 + tx

2018 marks the 12th edition of our logistics forum. For twelve years now, we have welcomed hundreds of people every year who are passionate about recognizing the logistics function in Quebec. We will focus on new operational trends in the e-Commerce world; the management of peak periods and promotions, the new technologies available, the success factors of the big players, the challenges that many of you have had to overcome and the operational evolution necessary to respect the ever increasing service level.

Implementing Scalable e-Commerce Logistics for a Large Retailer

Presented by:

  • Sergio Barile, Distribution Director, Groupe Dynamite

Come and hear how this retail business has implemented scalable logistics to cope with significant growth in its e-Commerce sales. For several years, this retailer has taken the turn of online commerce in parallel with the large volume of business of its brick & mortar retail shops. You will learn how, for the past three years, Groupe Dynamite has been able to put in place adaptable and scalable logistics technologies to overcome the increase in e-commerce sales.

The Logistics Challenges of Setting Up an Online Market Place in the Food Sector

Presented by:

  • Carolina Aragao-Safi, Co-Founder, TasteBuds Boutique
  • Jean Carrier, CEO, E-Mission

The two founders of this online marketplace for local products from Quebec have learned a great deal about the importance of logistics. Having no physical inventory, they are at the mercy of the capabilities of their suppliers to consolidate and reduce their transportation costs. Thus, with the help of an external partner, they have put in place an approach allowing them to consolidate their delivery costs and optimize the customer experience. This will be an interesting presentation on the process of starting a new business, their organizational path, the promotional aspect and the contribution of the logistics function in the business plan.

Logistics Support Program for Quebec Retail Businesses (Digital Shift)

Presented by:

  • René Desmarais, Project Manager, CQCD (Conseil Québécois du Commerce de Détail)

The Conseil Quebecois du Commerce de Détail (CQCD) has received a mandate from the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation to support the e-Commerce development of 25 SME, chosen for the potential for success they have online. For each of these clients, we develop a tailor-made process aimed at providing support in one or more areas the e-Commerce expertise, including logistics for internal operations. Many companies want expert advice on their supply chain that supports their online sales.

Effective Logistics as a Business Development Tool

Presented by:

  • Mireille Arteau, E-commerce Manager, Ricardo Cuisine

Long perceived as a cost for businesses in general, the logistics function becomes the cornerstone of a successful customer experience and assured progress. You will learn how this large company has relied on its logistics to stand out from competitors and offer an exceptional service level. According to this company, logistics has become a marketing tool and can increase the conversion rate and repeat business from customers.

Setting up an International e-Commerce Logistics in the Fashion Industry

Presented by:

  • Joe Asmar, VP Operations, Ssense

With many years of experience in the world of luxury fashion, Ssense has established itself as one of the world leaders in the e-commerce fashion industry. Starting with a local logistics force in Montreal and renowned international partners, we will see how the application of best practices in overseas trade has been put forward.

The Logistics Strategy of a Hardware Retailer to Launch their E-Commerce Platform

Presented by:

  • Sylvie Tardif, VP Operation and Logistics, Groupe BMR

Come and listen how this hardware retailer has put in place a logistics structure that allows them to efficiently fulfill their e-commerce orders. The strategy of choosing the right set of products on the e-commerce platform during implementation is essential to reduce operational risks. This retailer has been able to manage the fulfillment of products of all sizes (very small, tubes, oversized), notably by partnering with a 3PL for e-commerce order fulfillment of a subset of their products.

Mastering your E-Commerce Operations

Presented by:

  • Mélanie Béland, E-commerce Business Development, Canada Post

Online shoppers love e-commerce because it’s easy. It’s meant to be for them. But retailers know what goes on behind the screens. Doing e-commerce takes smarts, investment, hustle and hard work. You know that. You want to forecast,plan, and build a better back-end workflow but if you’re like a lot of smaller retailers, you’re sometimes overwhelmed by urgent day-to-day demands. If you’re already running an e-commerce operation, This document susulting from a global canadian survey, offers options and solutions that could optimize your efforts and processes. Canada Post has developped an EBook that would help company to better understand E-Com operation's challenges. Jennifer who has contribut in the survey and EBook development will come and present this great information with us.