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Logistics Forum 2021

Logistics Forum 2021

Presentation of innovative logistics projects by the industry

Date: March 3rd 2021

Time: 09h00am

Location: Zoom Webinar


  • Registration for the conference day: $95 + tx

The search for performance for companies definitely involves logistics and Supply Chain projects. Once again this year, we are grouping together projects to improve logistics performance. The 2021 Logistics Forum will be an opportunity for industry professionals to attend large-scale transformation projects that will affect in particular approaches to the implementation of new technologies. Presented by the logistics and operational excellence managers, you will hear them present their context, challenges, approaches, issues and solutions implemented and especially the lessons learned. New format in 45-minute Zoom Webinar mode with 15 minutes of interaction with the audience. Come and join more than 100 professionals in an interactive format where exchanges are numerous and where you will be in contact with people who share your passion and your concerns.

Courant Plus - Décathlon Canada : Implementation of a new delivery infrastructure using electric vehicles!

Presented by:

  • Clement Sabourin, Co-Founder, Courant-Plus

The entry into the Canadian market of this major player in the sporting goods market required the establishment of a new logistics infrastructure, including a new distribution center located in the Montreal region. The transport manager and the representative of the new carrier will come to take stock of the electrification of goods transport using electric vehicles and tell us about the experience with Decathlon.

The logistical challenge of sustained growth in Ecom orders and how the future is shaping up!

Presented by:

  • Martin St-Pierre, VP Supply Chain, Sephora

Sephora Canada's growth continues to bring its share of logistical challenges. For more than 5 years of sustained growth, the logistics organization has been transformed for the establishment of a new structure, the start of a new order preparation platform in Western Canada and a new partnership with a logistics service provider.

A major overhaul of the logistics function at Pelican!

Presented by:

  • Charles-Antoine Martin, VP Supply Chain, Pelican

The production and distribution of relatively large products across North America presents a significant challenge for Pelican International. Charles-Antoine Martin VP Supply Chain will come and present to us what this manufacturer located in Laval QC has achieved and how he has set up an organization that can support the growth of the company.

Last mile delivery, a function at the heart of logistics priorities!

Presented by:

  • Jordan Arshinoff Foss, CEO, Xpedigo

Often overlooked in business investments, delivery operations (Last Mile) deserve attention from a technological point of view. The Xpedigo experiment led by Jordan Arshinoff Foss CEO. Jordan will be here to show us the evolution of the offering and how the industry is adjusting to provide the best possible delivery service. This situation has accelerated in the last few months.

How to achieve operational excellence: the experience of a major player in home delivery!

Presented by:

  • Milos Skrga, CEO, Mobilus
  • Daniel Skrga, President, MS Transport

Operational excellence is evident by itself through results. When a company implements operational excellence it will lower its operational risks, have lower operating costs and its revenues will be higher than those of its competitors, creating value for customers and shareholders. This expression could also be interpreted as excellence of execution.

Les défis logistiques du secteur de la santé au Québec

Presented by:

  • Andrew Mourcous, Logistics Director, CUSM
  • Charles-Antoine Marcil, Associate Director, GCL Canada Inc.

The health sector in Quebec is undergoing great transformation. The setting up in recent years of a new organizational structure has generated great reflections on possible synergies to improve the level of service to patients while considerably reducing operating costs. The introduction of new technologies, the consolidation of materiel management operations, strategic planning and definition of logistics master plans, are all initiatives currently underway. Charles-Antoine Marcil of the GCL Group, is currently leading several projects in this direction with the different regions of Quebec and will come to present the state of play and the major transformations that are currently taking place.